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Providing in-house built solutions to take your reselling career to the highest level.

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We provide all the features you require to take your reselling career to the next level. From inhouse software to ensure you're always the first inline to sell all the way to arranging free collections with major shipping couriers.

Bricker Mode

Allowing users to list an item across all platforms ensuring it constantly monitors this item for the best payout, furthermore ensuring your items are always the first in line to sell with the inhouse software! The software will both decrease and increase the price of your items to ensure the maximum payout for every item.


With the software users are also able to check all sales, marking them shipped and paid. Whats more, we provide locally stored csv's with all platform sales and their corresponding sale information; allowing for easy accounting.

Price Comparison

Have you ever wanted to compare the prices of all the popular reselling sites in once place in a matter of seconds? Well now you can, we provide a payout comparison across all stated sites to ensure you save time and ensure maximum profit.

RestocksAIO Bricker Mode RestocksAIO Analytics RestocksAIO Price Comparison
RestocksAIO Labels & Shipping RestocksAIO Invoice RestocksAIO Proxy Support

Labels & Shipping

We developed a fully inbuilt system where you can easily schedule UPS / DHL pickups with your saved details. Trust me this will make your life easier by a lot.

Invoice Generation

We understand the frustration when it comes to creating invoices for your sales, however here at RestocksAIO we simplify this for you. Allowing users to enter their own custom information and generate invoices for each of their sales

Proxy Support

We now support proxies to allow users to run as many tasks as they desire without a single second of downtime constantly keeping your sneakers at competitive prices 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's RestocksAIO?

RestocksAIO is a tool that interacts with with 8 websites currently (Restocks, StockX, Klekt, Goat, Alias, Laced, WeTheNew, HypeBoost and more to come). This software provides you all the in-house built solutions to improve your reseller career to the highest level.

What's the Bricker Mode?

The Bricker Mode is a module that allows you to set tasks that will monitor the prices of your products 24/7, ensuring you always have the best and profitable price for each individual size depending on a lowest payout filter that you set. You can also use our Multi Bricker Mode, a feature that supports running the same size on multiple sites at the same time to gather the best profitable sale between all websites or to sell your item faster. Whenever the item gets sold the product will get deleted from the other sites to avoid having multiple sales.

What computer do I need to use RestocksAIO?

RestocksAIO only works on Windows devices.

Is RestocksAIO private? When will there be a restock?

RestocksAIO is not private, however our premium membership will usually be locked for public customers to purchase. Users will be able to join RestocksAIO on shockdrop releases on our Twitter and via groupbuys with another cookgroups!